EA《FIFA 10》TVC: How Big Can Football Get?

EA声称在开发《FIFA 10》的过程中参考了玩家根据2.75亿场在线比赛提出的反馈意见,将使之成为有史以来最完整、最智能的足球模拟游戏——好像每次都会这么说,不过有了《FIFA 09》在PS3、X360主机平台上的大获成功,新一代游戏也有理由值得期待。
The advert starts pre-match with Wayne Rooney, Karim Benzema, Xavi, a host of other pro football players including Theo Walcott, Tim Cahill, Bastian Schweinsteiger, FIFA gamers, and football fans preparing to kick-off in locations all over the world. The intensity of their matches grows and the pace quickens, leading ultimately to huge celebrations, huge disappointments, and all of the emotions typical of Richter Scale-sized football matches. With gamers, pros, and fans all taking part, the campaign shows how FIFA 10 connects people throughout all levels of football and gaming culture.